Making A Proper Fist

Mar 17, 2021

This article will provide you the basics of how to make a proper fist before you strike something. If you do it in the way I am recommending, you will have optimal impact and less chance of injury.

Watch the video then follow the directions below to optimize the lesson.

Now that you have watched the lesson, practice making a proper fist at least 30 times.

Each time you squeeze your fist practice tightening your entire arm. After 30-40 reps, practice tightening your entire body as you make a fist.

In a real situation, you will be very relaxed until the point of impact. On point of impact, you will connect your entire body and your connection to the earth through your strike.

This will guarantee optimal penetration and effectiveness.

Most people first learning martial arts or self defense do not understand the connection between grounding to the earth and the effectiveness of a punch, kick or any other technique used. In other articles I will explain more about this. For now, simply feel yourself sinking into the earth and connecting your entire body to the strike for greatest impact.

The more you practice, the easier it will be and the more sense it will make.

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Many blessings on your personal journey.